Alex and I recieved a great surprise today. Don came home from work early…which is unusual unless he is sick. He walked in, and then we heard an awful noise. Alex and I heard it at the same time…and went running. We did not know what was going on. But, when we got to the door…SURPRISE!!!

Meet Finn…as in Huckleberry Finn. He’s only 6 weeks old….and just a big pile of cute!

He’s so sleepy. And, whimpering…just a little. Don has gone to get him some food and a collar. Meantime, Alex and I have been giving him a spa treatment…well, a bath, at least.

Getting comfortable…

I think he’s found out it’s gonna be quite comfortable here….’Nite, ‘Nite




  1. He is precious. Love his name. Nothing like a new puppy. I have always said that when they lay down on their back with their belly showing when they sleep you know that they are happy and feel safe in their surrounding. Enjoy!

  2. justabeachkat |

    Oh.My.Word! Adorable! Absolutely adorable! Was this a surprise? More details please.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. justabeachkat |

    Forgot to mention….I love his name!


  4. He is absolutely adorable! Have fun with him this weekend!

  5. Oh, those eyes! And the little round baby-paws with the tiny fat pink pads!

    Your life is about to change. Take it from one who know, one who has already been outside four times today, who has handed out about ten treats, who has filled the waterbowl twice and made a dish of warm "dinners" and had a rolling, wrestling, growling match with dog and pink stuffed mole. Also mulled "one more close clip—or will the weather stay warm enough?" Thought about the weather and the stacks of new carpet, and made the appointment.

    We've had ours nine months, and he was already a grown-up gentleman of three when he got here.

    Changes, unh-hunh.

  6. What a precious puppy!!!! Those pictures make me just want to take him right into my arms.

    As you know, I took care of Lisa’s puppy when I was in Florida last month. She had already had several lessons with a dog trainer, and I was AMAZED at her ability to sit and stay and heel and fetch upon command. I thought, “wow, I wish you could train little boys that easily!” Hahahaha!

  7. Awww, how precious, Tonja! Love those big brown eyes … and I know your heart just melts every time you look at him. What fun is in store for all of you … especially Alex! There's nothing like the antics of a new puppy to brighten your days and warm your heart.

  8. Precious! We also just got a new puppy. I put the details on my blog. The puppy will be a great companion for Alex! Looks like he is already attached to Alex! Enjoy!

  9. I'd like to add a phrase from a book I read many years ago—"he fell on velvet," in being made part of your family. Oh, yes, he did.

  10. OH, how sweet! And what an incredible husband and daddy to bring home such a great surprise! Finn is adorable! Oh, but he should have gotten two! 🙂

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