Let’s see what’s on the menu for Valentine’s Day…

Off to a healthy start with a heart shaped egg…

And, some heart shaped pancakes, of course…the fruit keeps it healthy!

If you feel the need, have a little ‘heart of kiwi’ for a mid morning snack!

Beautiful raspberries for lunch…with a side order of chocolate heart torte!

Feeling hungry mid afternoon? Try a little ‘love’ and some watermelon…

Finally…Dinner time! Let’s have a heart shaped pizza…no pepperoni for me…

The brownie hearts are small…you can have a couple!

Ahhhh! Dessert! Have a slice of strawberry cake…yummy!

Now, I know you’ve been waiting for this all day…your bed time snack! INDULGE!

It’s a good thing we don’t do this but once a year, isn’t it?… You do just do this once a year, don’t you? 🙂



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