Did you have anything to drink after all you ate yesterday? Well, I’ve gotcha covered…come on, drink up!

Let’s start with the cold drinks…

A little Dr.Pepper first…maybe to wear instead of drink, though!

How about some cool Sprite with a cute little lime heart…

Now for a little pink punch…with a heart shaped ice floater…

Can I interest you in a nice cuppa tea? I can almost smell the love…

Or would you prefer some hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows, of course! One for you and one for me.

Need a little more ‘heart’ with that coffee?

How do you like the ‘heart’ design on this one?

And, some French Roast, of course…

And, just in case none of these are what you’re thirsty for…here’s a cup…you’re on your own!

Well, I suppose I could offer you this!!!



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