There was a time, when Alex first became ill, that we went from Dr. to Dr. looking for answers. Many times it ws a family affair…we would try to combine it with some fun things for all the boys to do.

Once we went to the University of Michigan for several days of testing. Donald, who at that time served on the local school board, also had a convention to attend about that time. So, we combined the two. The second trip was to Amarillo, Texas, and we knew the boys would love that.

Of course, it was quite a distance from this deep South town, so we decided we would fly. Bought tickets, packed bags, headed to the airport, and boarded the plane…all 5 of us. We were ready for answers and then a little adventure.

The only plane that flies out of here is the small commuter jets. They connect us to Atlanta. But, at this time they still had the propeller planes. This was Alex and Ian’s first flight, so they were really bouncing off the wall! We got them seated and buckled up. Adam had found a seat away from us because he was too cool to be seen with his parents and little brothers. All was ready…TAKE OFF!

We watched their faces and it was a mixture of excitement and terror. But, as they saw that no one was up in the aisles running and screaming…they settled down.

About 10 minutes into the flight, my ears started popping. You know the air pressure is not as good on those little planes. I offered Don a piece of gum and then leaned over the seats in front of us and offered the boys some. They declined. As we continue climbing…my ears were really stopping up bad. I was worried that the boys were uncomfortable, too. So, I leaned up over the seat again and said to them, “Boys, are you sure you don’t want some gum for your ears? It really helps.” My dear youngest son then proceeded to turn around in his seat, look me square in the eyes, and said, “Mom…if you think I’m going to put that gum in my ears…you are badly mistaken!”

I sat down…buckled my seat belt…told Don what had just happened. He and I laughed all the way to Atlanta!




  1. I love how literal kids are! My daughter LOVED the Amelia Bedelia books because of that very thing! FUNNY!

  2. Out of the mouths of kids on their first plane ride!!

    Tonja, I hope you soon write your book; I'll come to every signing.

  3. I'm not sure that's exactly how it went down 😉 Plus, I think our first flight was to Las Vegas when I was about 10 or so…but who knows.

  4. Tonja T Owens |

    Ian, you may be right. But, let's just pretend I am so all these nice people who comment on my beautiful new blog won't think I'm getting forgetful……M'K?

  5. What a cute, cute story, Tonja. Be sure and include it in your book and I will meet Rachel at every signing, too … and we can tell everybody in line that we "knew you when …!"

  6. Hahahahaha!! I love Ian putting his two cents in here and your reply!

    I too love it when kids take things literally. Just yesterday Lisa posted on FB that Sophie had been at a bowling party. She told Lisa afterward that she had let her friend take her last turn because they said the lane would soon SHUT DOWN, and Sophie was scared!!! And I'll never forget the time Jeremy thought I literally meant that I was going to PULL the car to the door.

  7. How funny. Kids are so literal.

  8. Jeanette Gloverr |

    Lamar and I laughed and laughed about the chewing gum, we can just see your children, always, so cute, loving and well behaved.

  9. How funny!

    Kids do take things very literal.

    I remember when Eric was really young and Little George was a teenager who had just started working at a local theater. He mentioned at dinner one night about having to get punched out before leaving work (punch out with the time clock) and Eric's eyes got really big. "You mean they punch you out every night" he said with fear in his eyes. Oh, how we all laughed at that. Bless his heart, he was worried about his big brother.


  10. That is so funny and thanks for the reminder to get some gum….flying to CA next Wednesday!

  11. I haven't gotton use to the comment thing on the top. That is a very cute story. I feel like I owe you a big apology. As much as I always plan to read older posts from people and really get to know them I often don't get around to it. As I started reading your post about Alex being ill I realized that I don't know all the details so I decided to click on your sidebar about your boys. Actually I am sure that God wanted me to see this. Tonja, what you have been through with all three of you boys has me in tears. You need to write a book called
    "THE THREE BOYS THAT GOD GAVE TO ME" . I don't even know how to type what I am feeling. I am so sorry for what happened to Alex and the pain he must live with. When I see Ian and his beautiful smile I can't believe what I have read. Then your journey with Adam and the miracle that God gave to you. You become friends with someone, read their posts each day and realize that you didn't have a clue as to what they have lived through.
    What a journey you have been given. I am in awe of your strength.

    • Tonja T Owens |

      Very kind words, Debby. Yes, it has been quite a ride with my 3 boys. But, God has been so good to us, and oh, the lessons we learned along the way! The biggest being that God keeps His promises, and learning about the power of prayer! It works!

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