Levi came to Lulu’s house

         To eat and sleep and play.

                   He was looking mighty cute

                         Lulu had to say…


“You’re looking fine,

         Grandson of mine.

                We have to get a shot.


So turn toward me and

                               Try your best…

   Show the best smile that you’ve got.”

He looked. 

He stared.

He closed eyes tight.

                   He tried to crawl away.

But Lulu chased and

           Caught him quick.

                     Now, what was he to say?

He turned to her and

           Fixed his gaze.

     It seemed a long, long while……..

Then, all of a sudden,

      Out of the blue

           He flashed this cutest smile!











  1. Ahhhh, Lulu!!! As such a GIRL amongst all your Guys, you DO bring out the best in all of them!

    What a sweet montage—and DO put it and that poem into his scrapbook. Or on CD, with YOU reading it—I'll give you a nickel his bride will be sure it's played at their wedding.

    Just priceless.

  2. My boy sure is handsome!! This mama sure does love her baby!

  3. Oh my word…adorable!

  4. What a sweet story . . . a very creative presentation!!

  5. He's so stinkin' cute! Love all the photos, but especially that last one.


  6. So sweet! Love his smile.

  7. I LOVE THIS POST!!! What a precious boy with such a wonderful grandma. And how about those teeth? How many does he have already?

  8. I must have missed that he calls you (or will) Lulu….that's a great grandma name!!! He's just too cute and look at those teeth!

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