This is not what my post is about.  But, I just need to say it.  Why, out of all the things they make in this great, big, wonderful world of ours to put medicines in, do they have to use those little packages that have writing on the back and clear ultra-super, heavy-duty, industrial strength plastic on the front?  I don’t expect an answer.  There is no answer.  Then there is the tiniest little slit at the top where you are to align 2 fingers on either side and commence to tear it down…through the afore described plastic….and retrieve your medicine.  And,then, if it will not tear…and trust me, it WILL. NOT. TEAR., you search for the scissors to cut it.  Now this should be an easy task since you have probably 42 pair of scissors in the house.  Are any of them in the room in which you are?  Why, no.  Of course they are not.  When you do find them…you must cut straight down…THROUGH the plastic, BESIDE the pill.  Heaven forbid you manage to accidentally cut into the pill.  Because, NOW what you have is a partially opened hump of plastic, filled with fine green POWDER!.  Why?  Because, even though you can buy the pills with a lovely coating on them, so you do not have to taste the foul things as they slide down your throat, that is not the kind that you have.  And they also make a lovely kind that are actually capsules.  Again, no taste.    They even make some that are teeny in size and are in a similar  type of packaging.  However, it is very easy for you to gently push the tablet from one side to the other and take your teeny little pill with no additional upset…other than what is going on in your tummy which is why you are taking them in the first place.However…these have a well known brand name on them…But, do I have the lovely BRAND NAME medication for ‘lower tummy distress’?  Why, no. No I don’t.  I should, but NO,  I have the knock off, lower price version that says ‘compare to…’.  It is cheaper.  It is HUGE and hard to take. It is nigh unto impossible to get out of the package.   It saves about $1.25 on the box.  Do you think I bought this cheap imitation of the real drug for such a thing as ‘lower tummy distress’?  Well, if you said yes, then you do not know me very well.  Since Alex doesn’t drive, and I did not buy them……I’ll give you 3 guesses who did buy the counterfeit drug.  I’ll give you 3 guesses who thought it was a grand idea to buy this forgery.  I’ll give you 3 guesses who is going to get an envelope with exactly $1.25 in it for Father’s Day from his wife.

Well, sorry, I did go on and on, didn’t I?  I have a tendency to do that when I am very aggravated by something, and it really should not have happened.

I think I’m just going to sign off for now…..I’ve got to start working on opening up the next dose.

By the way, this is what my post is about!




  1. You are so funny. I have the same problem at my house (except I am the one who wants to save $1.25). I find most pills hard to open and my scissors get up and move in the middle of the night because I find them in places I have never put them!

  2. Why do men have to be so cheap? 🙂 I'd make him bring the good stuff home!

  3. Sometimes it's even expensive prescription drugs that are packaged that way! My poor dad had to take those super tiny prednisone pills from a package. At almost 88 he had a horrible time. Since I take them in each day I get mine in bulk form in a bottle. Too bad I live 3,000 miles away. I know exactly what you mean and that was a great vent!

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