I honor the mothers that are in my family today.  When I look at their faces from so long ago, more than anything else, I see strength.  And, perhaps that is what has been passed on to me through the years.  These are women who raised their families with much less than I have.  They lived through dark days.  And, yet…their children call them ‘blessed’.

My great-grandmother…Della Delenia Tew

My maternal grandmother…Annie Tew Merritt

My mother, Eloise Merritt Townsend, with me…

…and with Joy and I…

My paternal grandmother, Lillian Esther Hallman Townsend…

My Mother-in-love, Elizabeth Meadows Owens…

Don’s paternal  grandmother, Iola Owens…

And the newest mother in my family, my daughter-in-love, Suzanne Horn Owens and Baby Levi…

These are the women who have molded our family through generations.  I come from a strong heritage of women who loved the Lord, loved their families, and loved others in their communities.  I am blessed.

My beautiful Mom…I miss you every day…

To my boys…thank you for making motherhood an adventure…I love you all…

In case you don’t recognize me…this is my portrait, drawn by Ian years ago.




  1. What a wonderful Family Album! Your Mama is still one of the most beautiful women I think I've ever seen—her face just SHINES with light.

    I wish you SUCH a happy Mothers' Day, Sweet Friend.


  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! What wonderful women and what a beautiful picture of Suzanne and your new grandson!

  3. What a lovely post. Makes me think I need to go through my old photos. I need to get some special photos like these into my blog so future generations will always remember them.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day. ((HUGS))

  4. Beautiful post sweet friend! I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.


  5. What beautiful ladies and such a sweet and loving tribute to them, Tonja. I especially love the precious picture of Suzanne and Levi … and the one of your beautiful Mom.

  6. I love looking at the old photos. What a beautiful heritage. I like your portrait!

  7. Reminds me of the verse that says my lines have fallen in pleasant places. You are very, very blessed, Tonja!

    That picture of Suzanne and Levi is spectacular. How lucky that they have an in-house photographer!

  8. Love all those mama pictures! and I especially love the picture with BabY Levi. It's like he's just saying "Oh mom, I juss love dose kisses!"

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