DH and I were away from home and not on any schedule.  So when I woke up earlier than he, I eased out of bed…very quietly…and moved to the den.  I opened the computer and read.  I did nothing to wake him up and nothing to make any noise.  I opened the refrigerator very quietly and eased out a DDP and opened it inside the refrigerator…so even the “WHOOSH” sound wouldn’t disturb him.  Cause, y’all don’t even know…just  normal breathing disturbs him.  I didn’t dare get dressed.

After about 40 minutes, I heard him up and then he came into the den.

ME:  “Good morning”

DH:  “Good morning.  I’m hungry.  Let’s go and get a biscuit.”

ME:  “But, I’m not dressed.  Just go on and get us something and I’ll get the table ready.”

DH:  “No, come on and ride with me.”

ME:  “But, my hair isn’t even combed.”

DH:  “You’re fine.  Come on, you’ll just be in the truck.”  Yes, I was tooling around town looking like a sad, sad excuse for womankind everywhere…and I’m doing it in a truck!  One of my least favorite forms of transportation!  But, DH loves it…and it does beat walking! 🙂

ME:  “O.K.  But, I’m NOT getting out of the truck.”  So, out of the house I go…just as I looked when I got out of bed.  And, it’s not pretty.  I had on my pajama bottoms…short, bright green with white polka dots.  I had on the top to another pair of pajamas.  Heaven only knows why…but I packed the top of one set and the bottom of another. You know, some pajamas can almost pass for regular clothes…and the bottoms of my ensemble could have passed…perhaps if I had had on a matching top.  The top I did have on was bright orange…very baggy (so as to sleep more comfortably).  It is not a top I would ever wear out because the neck…she is a little too low for my comfort.  Thankfully, I did have on an upper body undergarment.  I left with no shoes…not even flip-flops.  I was not cute.  Comfortable, but not cute.

We traveled the 2 minute trip it takes to get to the doughnut shop/biscuit place.  I told him what I wanted  to eat and drink.

He ordered and came back to the truck while he was waiting, to tell me the following:

DH:  “Look at all those tables they have out here to sit and eat at.  I bet you would enjoy eating out here in the cool breeze.  It sure is nice.”

I just bet he thinks I bet I would enjoy sitting outside in the cool breeze.  In my green pajama bottoms, and my bright orange, too low for daytime top, and no shoes, makeup or hair combing.

ME:  “We can sit here in the truck if you want to, but I’m not going to get out looking like this and go sit at those picnic tables.”

But, something told me this was one of those battles that was going to be senseless to fight.  It was early.  I was hungry.  No one there looked any better than I…and they were ready for the day, and some were heading to the beach.  So, I went searching through his truck to see if I could, at least,  find a comb.  My DH is one of the neatest, most groomed persons I know.  He’s right on par with my Pop.  I can get a shower, wash and dry my hair, put on makeup, pick out and iron my clothes and get dressed…fully…and he will still be in the shower!  So, I would expect him to have several combs stashed around the truck.  Because, the man…he does LOVE to comb his hair.  LOVES!  But, no comb.  All I found were his deacon ministry cards from church, a dozen or so straws from McD’s, several plastic wrapped spoons and forks, a few coins, some chapstick, and a random key.  I thought to myself, “What would Mrs. McGyver do?”

Well, let me tell you, friends.  I discovered that you can take a plastic fork and hold it backwards (upside down)  and it makes a fairly decent comb.  It only has 4 teeth, of course.  But, in a pinch…it’ll do!

And, when DH came back to the truck, I hopped out, and tiptoed through the sand spurs to the picnic tables.

It was, indeed, delightful sitting there in the cool breeze eating our biscuit next to the ocean.  And, after I finished my biscuit, I was REALLY glad I had agreed to expose my self and my night clothes to the morning sun.  Cause in the bottom of the bag was the freshest, gooiest, Long John!  (Rectangle of glazed doughnut dough, filled with yummy white cream, and topped with chocolate icing.)  It was divine!  It was scrumptious!  It was the best!  We enjoyed our breakfast…and the dessert and then, I waited till no one was looking, that I could see, and tiptoed back through the sand spurs (little pods about the size of a pea that are covered in strong, mean, mean stickers) and hopped up into the truck.  SAFE!

Sometimes, you just have to let go of the way you feel and just live the moment as it presents itself.    I did and the reward was well worth it!  Sweet memories made on a weathered old picnic table, by the ocean, just me and DH.

I probably shouldn’t mention that I was also silently beseeching the Lord to “please don’t let anybody who knows me show up while I’m here!”





  1. Thank you Tonja . Your stories always put a smile on my face. Please keep them coming.

  2. Oh, Sweetpea! You DO have such fun, comfy adventures! And I don't see a THING wrong with your attire, a-TALL. That sounds like the perfect moment, and think how many folks would have missed the perfect slant of the sun, or just the right place to catch the very best of the breeze, or even the most-scenery-watching perfection of a table, just to snazz up a bit.

    Says rachel, who dashed down two flights of motel stairs, out and across the lawn to the dining room in my big flappy flannel gown and clogs-with-socks (WITHOUT, I might add, the obligatory upper undergarment) one early morning when Chris had a sugar-crash.

    He always needs a carb and milk, so I grabbed two Danish out of the clear box, and since the styrofoam cups only HELD about a cup,and they had no lids, I had to juggle two full cups and a plate with two stacked pastries under my chin.

    I think I flew too fast to even NOTICE anybody else, and in that instance, I wouldn't have cared if the entire town had noticed me. I remember I'd held my gown-tail down tight going down the stairs, but you know, going UP, with my hands full—well, amnesia is probably my friend.

  3. Such a sweet, cute story, Tonja … and one I'm sure Don will treasure for a long time.

  4. Great story and I'm so glad you went with the flow!!!

  5. That was awesome, Tonja!! Just toooo cute!! I’m still smiling. Where, oh where is the picture? Why, right here in my head!

  6. That was awesome, Tonja!! Just toooo cute!! I’m still smiling. Where, oh where is the picture? Why, right here in my head!

  7. I know what you mean…I hate going anywhere without at least some lipstick and my hair combed. But…sometimes we just have to let go and enjoy. So glad you did. It's wonderful that our sweet husbands don't care. And our Lord certainly doesn't. So why should we?! Great post.

    I'm trying to get back to blogging….


  8. Thank you for the chuckle this morning – needed it. I am not sure I would have gone out in public in my nightwear. I do go out into my backyard some morning in my nightshirt with a pair of shorts pulled on to quickly pick veggies before I shower hoping that my neighbors are still asleep as they have small children I wouldn't want to frighten!

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