December 13, 2020

There are a few of you who knew immediately what those letters stood for!  But if not, it’s for The Living Christmas Tree at Southside Baptist Church!

Now at this time in our lives The LCT was one of the most important thing in the life of our church.  I think it is because so many of us were involved.  Ever age participated, and most everyone who wanted to be in the Drama had the opportunity.  We used live animals…who behaved quite nicely.  Except for that one time a wayward sheep got loose from his shepherd and had to be tackled right in front of the Holy Child!!!! ( Good catch, Paul!)  Our Costumes were so well done, with the Ladies of the church making most all of them.  We had many props which Tina Davis and I hunted down all over the SE, or had them made.  I was the Director of the Drama during all the years in these pictures…with Tina Davis as co-director.

It was great fun…but it was more than that!  It was a time the church worked together to present a worthy gift to the community.We  had a packed house every night.  The best was that little children could really see it in their minds what they were reading in their Bibles.  It made it become real.  It was a labor of love…from the newest babe to some of our senior citizens!

I found a few pictures easily, but know I have many more.  Due to my health at this time, I am unable to go on a big search right now.  But, I will do it soon, and share what else I have!

Precious, wonderful, holy memories!

We will start first with the Mary and Joseph and the baby…




The townspeople…and shepherds

Even Dancing shepherds…

Different scenes from various present day drama sections…

One of the Children’s Choirs…

And the children in the tree…

There were 3 Kings Courts with many different court members…

Then came the angels…

And, our director of lighting…(sorry, Derek…can’t fix this pic!)

OK… so this is all I have at the moment, but I promise to share more with you as soon as I can!


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  1. Jean Stauffer |

    I just found this post, Tonja! How FUN!! I’m sure I saw some of your boys in a lot of the pictures. And your mother too! And your nieces. Are you in any of them? Traditions like this are so RICH! When our children were growing up the church held a live nativity event in a barn year after year. Dick’s dad was very instrumental in getting things set up, with new ideas each year. When he passed away in April there were many mentions about that part of his life among the memories people shared.

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