At the risk of losing all of my readers (the faithful few, I call them)…I am going to post about Levi again.  Yes, I am.  I can’t help myself.  You all just need to know this and I just need to share it.  It has always been one of my problems to keep my mouth shut.  I tend to tell my friends everything.  Yet, you seem to love me anyway.  I’m just so glad I can share my heart with you.  But, if you are tired of hearing about this wonder child…this boy among boys…this sweet angel, Levi…I will understand if you skip this post.   But come right back, OK?  And, just don’t tell me about it.


I just lost 4 whole paragraphs!  Have you seen them?  I have no idea under God’s beautiful blue sky where they went!!!  I was busy typing along and looked up and there was nothing there.  Disappeared, I tell you!   WHOOSH!  Gone!  I just find it hard to understand that I can not get a grip on this computer.  (So, OK, you may not have the same trouble understanding it…but I do not want to hear about it. thank you very much!)  What would cause it to just eat up my paragraphs?  Did it not like the first one?  It stayed.  Where do they go when they go?  This bothers me.  Do they end up in Greece or Rome or Italy and just pop up randomly on some one’s computer?  Are they going to show up in some high-flying boardroom today and get some poor employee in trouble?  Do they just go up, up, up, in orbit and fly around and around and around the world?  I really wonder these things.  I did NOT delete them, so they are still written somewhere.  Right?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.    …END OF INTERRUPTION…

OK.   Back to my post.  Last week, I was able to do one of the things I have wanted and prayed for.  I was able to keep  sweet Levi while his parents worked.  I am keeping him 3 days a week and his other grandmother, Mary, is keeping him the other two.  What fun we had!  Nothing I had to do but sit and hold him and look at him and laugh at him and sing to him and rock him to sleep and then watch him sleep!  What a job, huh?  I know there are those of you who do the same.  And I know that those of you with grandchildren think YOURS is the cutest/smartest/most wonderful grandchild ever.  And, you know what?  They are!  That’s the magic thing about grandchildren…all of them are  right up there at the tippy top of wonderfullness! (Is that even a word?  Should be)  Spellcheck said ‘NO’.)


So, on his first day staying at Lulu’s house (that’s me, Lulu)…here is a collage of faces that makes me laugh and smile and thank God for this gift.

I have tried to click on this pic to make sure it will enlarge.  But, when I do, the whole picture goes away and I have to upload it again.  But, Alex said it would enlarge, so I’ll have to trust him.  Enjoy!

Oh…I might as well show you this one, too.  It was made last week, too.  But, trust me on this…it’s better if you do NOT try to enlarge this one!

You do know, don’t you, that water makes things seem much wider than normal….just saying….





  1. Just go on talking about and showing pictures of that precious boy, and I promise you I will love every one of them!! I am so delighted that God has blessed your family with him and that you get to keep him. And you haven't lost an ounce of your humor, by the way!

    • Debra Marsh Eldridge |

      Thank grandbaby is so adorable. I am thrilled that you and the other grandmother are being able to keep him while his parents work. I know you will adore every minute of it. Spoil him rotten, you know that is what grandmas do best.

  2. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! DID THEY ENLARGE!!!! I clicked once, and thought, "I can count his eyelashes!!" And somehow my screen entirely filled UP, with only TWO pictures, and I can count his PORES!

    You just be trusting ole Ian from now on, OK??

    This is just sweeter'n SUGAR!

    I just can't tell you. But just remember that old saying about a thousand words. One of these pictures IS worth that, and more—even your words. File this boy under P for Precious!


    PS You are now adopting the exact schedule I've held for the last four years—three days with us, two with Mammaw, and we're VERY flexible on which. We just get together on the calendar, and it works out perfectly. And Girl, you'll be wearing socks with your clogs when that boy gets to walking.

  3. Love it! Love grand babies!

  4. He is adorable. You have my dream job. I would love to be the one to take care of Kaiden, but it is not meant to be. I just count my blessings that I get to see him as often as I do. I think wonderfullness is a perfectly fine word. It is probably one that only grandmothers can understand!

  5. Lucky you to be able to keep Levi and see him often. I'm jealous. Can't wait for Daven to arrive in October. Don't you worry about talking too much about Levi. Believe me, I will be sharing lots on the wonderfullness of Daven too. (I like the word even if spell check doesn't)

    Hope you got my email.


  6. 1. Your lost paragraphs are united with all of the socks that get lost in the laundry.
    2. Keep the Levi pics and stories coming!
    3. Alex was right. It does enlarge when you tap it.
    4. I didn't try to enlarge the one with you and Joy, but it is a sweet picture.

  7. You are ALL so cute! I would never tire of seeing sweet photos of the cutest baby ever! Keep them coming. Sorry I am missing in action a lot, but you aren't forgotten! You make me smile so many times!


  8. Sorry about those paragraphs, it has happened to me and I get so frustrated. I have to usually walk away for awhile. Adorable, he is just so darn cute. The picture enlarged for me! Love the pool shot too.

  9. Oh, what a precious baby … and how wonderful that you will have him with you three days a week. They change so fast at that age, and you won't miss a thing … and you are doubly blessed to be able to share it all with Joy and her little one.

  10. I am soooo behind in reading and commenting! The last couple of weeks of summer went by so fast, and I tried to pack so much fun into them! Then of course, this back-to-school business is exhausting for the teachers! How wonderful that you're keeping Levi. I have been so blessed to have my mom keep both the boys. There's nothing like a Grandmommy or Lulu to love on them all day! Love the tribute to your mother and the poem about the dash. So much truth in that!

  11. Those are precious pictures of a precious face!! I would tell you which one is my favorite, but I'm not sure how. :s hehe.

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