At the risk of having you laugh at my atrocious taste in glasses…here are some old pics of Easters past…

A studio in Dothan was making pictures in the park on Easter Sunday, so off we went, and smiled for the camera!

A few years later…Adam was so happy to be called upon to pose with his Mother and his brothers…can’t you see the joy in his face?

With Granny, after Easter lunch…

Acting silly with Grandma, after another Easter lunch…

And, here’s the cousins…Uh! Oh! Looks like Adam’s attitude has affected Alex…

All the cousins will be eating with me tomorrow…I’m gonna give them another chance to make a good picture! We’ll see…

Here’s hoping your Easter pictures show the love you have for one another!




  1. Keetha Denise Broyles |

    I have a policy – – –

    I never apologize for fashions we used to wear because they WERE the fashion, and we looked as good in them as anyone else. FURTHERMORE – – – once you start that apologizing for fashion past, you will be bound to do it the REST of your life because fashion changes every five minutes or so.

    I think I had that same skirt, or rather one nearly exactly like it, once upon a time.

    Too bad I can no longer fit into it.

  2. Oh, what a neat post! Wish I had thought about scanning some photos from days gone by. BTW, I totally agree with the previous comment! At the time, that was high style! Just like my poofy 80s hair and big prom dresses! Happy Easter, my friend!

  3. Love Being a Nonny |

    I'm like you, I apologize for past fashions. I know they must have looked good the, but I smile at them now. Don't worry, we all have the old fashion pictures!!! I think you all looked great!! Happy Easter!

  4. nancygrayce |

    I was looking at old pictures one day and said…..sad, but we thought we looked good! I love your pictures!!!

  5. So fun to look at "old" photos.

    Gosh, you look so much like Joy in these photos!

    Happy Easter sweet friend!

  6. Musicaljean |

    I LOVE these pictures!!! You were always adorable, glasses and all. Those boys – just tooooo cute!!

  7. Just Breathe |

    It is so much fun seeing those pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me. They are so sweet.

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