I’m not much of a Halloween person, but I couldn’t resist sharing these dog costumes! What about you? Is your pup gonna dress up to go Trick-or-Treating? Finn will have to be content to stay home and pass out candy. But, if this does happen to be your cup of tea…..

They could go as other animals……

Or, perhaps, they could go as food…….

Better still…how about as their favorite human……..

Maybe they they’d prefer to be their favorite fictional character……..

Whatever they decide on, please have some dog treats treats on hand instead of candy. If they have to go through this humiliation….they should be well rewarded!

Make sure you watch your dog so they don’t ingest any dropped candy or that other people don’t feed your dog candy. Aside from the fact that chocolate is toxic to dogs, the wrappers of even candy without chocolate can be harmful if ingested by your dog.

And, by the way, if this sort of things takes up a big part of your time………..




  1. My BIG laugh for the day, Tonja!

    We have a little fella or two every year, prancing along or cowering in embarrassment as their folks stroll the blocks of revelry.

    The LION is magnificent, and that Grande Dame with a purse is quite memorable, but Bully Bee looks like a cross between "Please help me," and "I WILL sting you!"

  2. These are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  3. These pictures are soooo cute!!!! Thanks for giving me a smile this evening. Check my blog for something I'm asking prayer for tonight.

  4. Too funny! Miss Daisy does have a Santa suit, but nothing for Halloween. I think the idea of dogs going for trick or treat is a good one though.


  5. Awww, those poor little doggies … lol Does Finn have a costume?

  6. Mine do have shirts for the cold weather but not halloween costumes. They wouldn't stand still for that!

  7. I don't do much Halloween either, but i do enjoy the children trick or treating. These pictures are adorable. I have to admit I've never had a doggie trick or treater…..hahahha…..maybe that 's a good idea.

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