1.  Christmas Eve was a fun gathering.

2.  Christmas Day was a wonderful.   Even with me cooking!  All family was here!

3.  Rested all day yesterday and most of today.

4.  Will catch up soon.  I just need to take a couple days.

5.  Happy 2011 !!!!!

6.  I’m trying to think of another name to call our town.  Cause Dothan is NOT supposed to be this COLD!!!




  1. Jeremy called and said he had to scrape ice off his windshield with a credit card this morning. It was in the twenties – and that's Tampa!!

    Just wrap up and take it easy!

  2. Sounds like it was perfect. Keep resting, Christmas is exhausting.

  3. We are tired too. Our church cancelled services on Sunday night, and I was so happy to just stay home, build a fire, and HIBERNATE!

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