I finally have some pictures to show you of my Christmas Decor. First is the front foyer…here I used a woodland theme to tie in with the furnishings already there. I have several pines that I have collected over the years. Also here is the surprise gift of the Holy Family I received last week…

Next is the dining room…this is what I have on my dining room table…

Aren’t these the most wonderful trees? I think they are so unusual. And, they were found in my Pop’s attic while we were getting his decorations down. Why these were there is a mystery to me. These are not something my Mother would have liked…or bought. Joy nor I can either one remember her ever using them. So, I have no idea how old they are. There is a wreath that my friend, Tina, gave me several years ago. I know you can’t tell from the pictures, but the foliage on the wreath is exactly the same as on parts of the tree! Neat, huh?

This is a ‘GATHERING’ of greenery and candlesticks I have assembled on the mantle…

And, here is the scene on the buffet. My collection of feather trees and funky angels!

In the corner is this sad little tree. I have a collection of tiny kitchen utensils, candy canes and gingerbread cookies!

And, finally, here is a little wire tree filled with tiny mercury glass ornaments…some very old!

That’s all I have time to do today…more to come!



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