Well, it’s actually several days, but you’ll get the idea…

Breakfast time!  This baby loves his food!

Go on, Levi!  Pull out every toy and play with none!  It’s just more fun to crawl around and look for miniscule pieces of whatever on the floor!

Whatever it is…it’s an eyeful!

Pulling up on everything and taking a few steps.  This time and many, many times it’s LuLu.


Levi and his Valentine Mouse…who says ‘I Love You’ to his great delight!  Yes…he does look quite bored at the moment….but he loves it…really!

“How did I get under here?  And, how do I get out?”  (Really, it was so funny, cause he slid under so easily to get a ball, and he could not figure out how to get out…he kept hitting his head…not realizing he had to lower it to get out.  And every time I tried to help him…he’d get madder and madder at me for holding his head down.  Finally, he got the message.)

Let’s look at his book and let LuLu put her feet up for a few minutes.

Every, single toy he has at his LuLu’s house is on the floor, along with a myriad of other assorted items, the top has been pulled off the bouncer,  he has chewed up both of his socks so they are wringing wet…but a snotty nose and no nap trumps all that!


These adorable pictures are my little way of saying that this is why my posts have been few and far between lately.  I am keeping this sweet, lively, active, happy, not sleepy, precious little boy every day for a few months.  Unfortunately, I do not possess even half of the energy and stamina that he does.  And, truthfully, I could benefit from a nap as much as he could!

My sweet boy, Ian, has planned a fun weekend for me.  He gave me tickets for Wicked and it is this weekend.  So off to Birmingham I go.  He has everything planned…including dinner for both nights!  I am excited.  Pray that I will have safe travel since the weather forcast calls for rain and storms.  I’ll share it all with you when I return.  Happy weekend to you, too!




  1. Nothing like time with him…and nothing like time alone. He is so precious and I know you are loving every minute with him. Now, go on, and have a GREAT time!

  2. He is just soooo precious!! I know it is such a blessing to Adam & Suzanne to have you keep him everyday. I have been blessed to have my mom keep both my boys, too. I am so thankful I didn't have to send them to daycare! How wonderful to have your own child's life molded and shaped by a loving grandmother (or Lulu!)

  3. And to you, too, Sweetpea!! These are SO precious, and if anybody understands that crawl a lot, get up, pick up, wipe up, clean up—it's MEEEE.

    And you deserve a weekend with a young man who can hold doors, pick up checks, and feed himself already.

    have a LOVE-ly time!


  4. I would choose Levi over blogging anyday! Thank you for sharing him with me. He is so cute and I love the under the bed photo.

  5. Oh, dear Tonja, how well I remember that stage with Austin a couple of years ago. Blessings on you!! I do miss your posts, but I so understand.

  6. I, too, have been lucky enough to be able to keep my 'treasures'. Such a wonderful blessing, but so exhausting. Now that they are both in school full time, I miss them so much til 3pm. I'm already looking forward to summer, almost as much as I will be looking forward to back-to-school!

  7. He is so adorable! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. We sure are lucky to have Lulu keep our precious angel. It sure is a good thing he likes being photographed. He gets it at home and at "Lulu's funhouse." He sure is cute!

  9. Hi sweet friend! Levi is growing too fast! So is Daven. Seems like it was only yesterday we were both anxiously waiting for them to arrive. I'm going to see Daven on Thursday…can not wait! Cute photos!


  10. How wonderfully blessed to be able to have your little one so close and to be able to keep him! My envy button is blinking madly!

    I love, love, love your new header…..so did you do it? No, don't tell me, I'll just get upset because I know nothing of how to do that stuff! And sadly, I'm not sure I have the energy (brain wise) to learn!

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